"I usually find something negative to say about every book (along with lots of positives), but Herrick Kimball's The Planet Whizbang Idea Book For Gardeners is an exception. This is self-publishing at its best—quirky but polished."

—Anna Hess
The Walden Effect

Herrick Kimball

His Essays For Gardeners

The smiley guy ain't much to look at, but that sifted compost is simply beautiful!
This web site is owned by Herrick Kimball. That's me in the picture above. I'm a small-scale homesteader in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. I'm the guy who "invented" the Planet Whizbang Wheel Hoe, the Whizbang Cider Press, the Whizbang Chicken Plucker, and other nifty down-to-earth homestead devices. And, most recently, I've authored The Planet Whizbang Idea Book For Gardeners.

Since June of 2005 I've been posting essays  to the internet at my blog, The Deliberate Agrarian. I write about about Faith, Family, and Livin' The Good Life. As a "deliberate agrarian," I'm a deliberate gardener. So I've written a lot over the years about gardening, and agriculture in general.

I invite you to click on the essay links below and read some of my writings.

Thanks for stopping by,

Herrick Kimball


Gardening & Hope in The Springtime
(Wherein I wax poetic)

Harvesting Potatoes
(It's a good feeling when your garden cart is full of homegrown spuds)

Making Pickled Garlic Scapes
(Waste not, want not. Pickled scapes are great!)

Planting Potatoes With A Little Girl
(I must admit that four-year-old girls were once something like aliens to me)

Digging Potatoes With A Little Girl
(A truly fine ending to the previous story)

A Simple, Homemade Compost Riddle
(Make your own)

Oh, The Joy Of Lavender
(I came up with a delightful new way to enjoy lavender. My wife thinks it is just plain stupid)

Futureman Picks His First Raspberries
(I am enjoying my new grandson, and he my berries)

Grow HUGE Red Mangle Beets (For Your Chickens)
(Chickens love beets in the winter)

Mangle Beet Harvest
(Oh Wow. Those ARE huge beets!)

August Homestead Photos
(Potatoes to the left of me, beans to the right.... I love August)

Growing Sweet Potatoes in My Northern Garden
(Headless gardener grows enormous yams! No, really.)

Sharing The First Fruit
(Remembering a short, simple, and beautiful moment)

Rethinking The Smoothie
(Have you tried smoothies made with garden greens?)

2013 Raspberries
(I think E.P. Roe would be pleased)

I Love Beet Celery
(You must try it) 

Chard Celery
(with peanut butter!)

Winter Tomatoes
(How to have your own fresh tomatoes when it's snowing outside)

Ida's Example
(Ida is 88 years old, and an amazing example to us younger folks)

The Pumpkin Watcher
(Compliments of W. Castle Freeman)

Earthworms & Sustainable Farming
(Read about "My Grandfather's Earthworm Farm")

Finding Palatable Treasures in The Midst of My Forlorn Spring Garden
(It may not look like much, but there's good food there)

Introducing My Homemade Automatic Compost Sifter
(You're going to like this)

Bifurcating Eschatology & My Nifty New Compost Sifter
(Eschatology first, then more compost sifter pictures)

Big Ag...Big Profits...Big Problems
(I don't like Big Ag...Part 1)

Garden Salad Flakes: Rick Machado's Great Idea
(Rick Machado is one smart guy)

The Elements of Agricultural Sustainability
(Professor Fick sums it up. Big Ag fails the test)

Roots of The Current World Food Crisis
(I don't like Big Ag... Part 2)

Big Ag & Usury Kills Indian Farmers
(Big Ag is evil)

Industrial Providers: Understanding the Oligopoly
(Here's an excerpt from my book, Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian)

How To Make & Enjoy a Peppermint Zing Sinus Sauna
(Breathe deep...Get the Zing...It's an organic pleasure)

Broken Limbs & Grant Gibbs
(America needs more men like Grant Gibbs)

Aroostook's Wood Prairie Farm
(Jim Gerritsen knows potatoes)

Before Joel, There Was Louis
(Salatin and Bromfield, that is)

Stinging Nettle, Scything & Plagues
(I do the unthinkable and spread 96 pounds of man-made plague on my father's lawn)

Do Not Mortgage The Farm
(Sage advice from an old Grange song book)

Atrazine Anger
(Atrazine upsets me, and so does modern Christianity)

Every Bean's A Blessing Boys!
(I can't help but lecture my children while sorting kidney beans)

Benny's Grandfather Was A Ditch Digger
(They don't make men like they used to)

How Farmers Became Slaves to the Corporate Masters
(Read it and weep)

More to Come...


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