"I usually find something negative to say about every book (along with lots of positives), but Herrick Kimball's The Planet Whizbang Idea Book For Gardeners is an exception. This is self-publishing at its best—quirky but polished."

—Anna Hess
The Walden Effect

The Planet Whizbang 
Idea Book For Gardeners


For nearly forty years I have enjoyed bringing beauty and abundance out of the soil in the form of fresh, wholesome, homegrown fruits and vegetables (and a few flowers too). In that span of time I have discovered that much of the fun of gardening is found in learning and trying different gardening ideas. It is with that thought in mind that I present this book to you.

“Eclectic,” as used in the subtitle of this book, is an adjective that means: “deriving ideas from a broad and diverse range of sources.” The concept of collecting and compiling a diversity of ideas for gardeners has given me a lot of leeway. Thus, you will find new ideas that I have personally developed, along with ideas from others, and you will also discover many older ideas. As a collector of 19th century farm almanacs and agricultural magazines, I couldn’t help but include some of the old wisdom here. I happen to believe we can learn a thing or two from our gardening elders.

I submit to you that the ideas in the pages that follow are worth considering, implementing, and evaluating. If an idea doesn’t work to your satisfaction, you can modify it, or try another.... next year. Also, it so happens that ideas beget more ideas, and even the best of ideas can often be improved on. That said, this book may serve to prime your imagination (that place where ideas germinate and grow) and lead to different ideas. I like that. Try my ideas. Tweak ‘em. Make them your own. It’s all good.

My hope is that you will accept this book as something like a personal conversation in which I, as your friend, and a fellow enthusiastic gardener, am sharing and explaining some ideas that I’m excited about. In the process I’ve sketched some simple drawings to help illustrate what I’m saying. That is, for all practical purposes, exactly what this book is. The only difference would be that I’m doing all the “talking” here, and that isn’t the way I usually carry on personal conversations. Bearing that in  mind, I welcome your feedback. 

Here’s wishing you success and pleasure in your gardening journey,

Herrick Kimball

P.S. For lots more information about the ideas in this book, be sure to check out the extensive online resources that I have put together for you. Details can be found on the last page.


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